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Physical therapists, massage therapists and personal trainers.

The All-in-One Toolkit for Physical therapists and trainers.

Make it easy to manage your appointments and client engagement via video link all in one simple app for just £15.99 a month!

No contract, 0 hidden fees

Platform built with more than 20 therapists

Online booking, video consultation, email reminders, encrypted and GDPR compliant. 

24/7 booking system - manages your appointments and means you never miss a session

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🎉 Spring Sale 🎉

1 month Premium for free

Sign up and use the code: SPRINGSALE when you upgrade your account in the app. 


Save time managing your sessions

Are you a Physical Therapist looking for less admin, more time, and a solid reputation for quality care? Then look no further. We can help you to be the best PT you can be and get booked out months in advance with our easy to use & affordable practice management software. With video consultation, 24/7 online bookings, email reminders & much more you'll create an experience clients will love and trust.

Develop your business around your expertise


You are dedicated to helping people improve their health and fitness, but you also have a practice to run. With the time you save, be free to develop new services and showcase them to every client with your booking page. 

Offer a unique service to your patients

Improve the care and reputation of your practice, boost your growth, retain patients and deliver outstanding care with a fully integrated system you can use for physical and digital appointments. 

Versatile invoicing to cover all your needs. 

Create, edit, and delete your invoices easily, search your invoice history, generate professional PDF to share with your clients and send your invoice by email in 1-click.  

Invoice your clients directly from the platform. 

isosconnect - The perfect suite of tools for a health professional's business

isosconnect - The perfect suite of tools for a health professional's business

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Make your clients feel (literally) at home, and run your business on one powerful management system

A smart system that turns enquiries into paying clients


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"The idea that someone can see your facebook page or website and click one button for me to receive the enquiry details straight to my account is amazing, along with an email reminder, I don’t miss a thing."

Dr Catherine Steele


How it Works

Meet isosconnect, ready to work around the clock for your practice