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"Extremely user friendly" 

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"Brilliant, it saves me so much time" 

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"Truly amazing" 

Run the most professional practice,
without admin stress 

One platform to streamline your 5 core tasks:

bookings, client records, notes, sessions, invoices. 

​No need to switch between calendars, video software, filing cabinets, and notebooks. Session notes, history, and files are all connected within your client record. Your calendars synced to avoid double booking. Essential client communication taken care of, so no more email ping-pong. Host encrypted video sessions with no software to download. Send invoices in a few clicks. 

isosconnect allows you head space free from admin between seeing clients,

and gives you your evenings back.

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No switching between windows

Run your whole practice from your calendar. Create and store client records, notes, food plans, and invoices. Book sessions and take appointments -  all on one screen.

Watch our 3 minute video overview of isosconnect.

"Just to say I'm really enjoying using the platform - it's great to have everything in one place" 


Easily transition your clients from email and zoom

You book the session, your clients receive the confirmation with call link. There's no software to download, they just click the link and join.  

"They don't have to download anything. They get an e-mail, they click to join. It's simple!" 

No more email ping pong

Book client sessions 70% faster. We will handle the essential client communication for you. No more back and forth emails and no more manual reminders.

Watch our 3.5 minute video demonstration.

"I don’t have to chase my clients anymore, they’ve loved the SMS and email" 

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Human support whenever you need it

Reach us directly through the in-platform chat box. We are real humans with experience in your field and our average response time is under 4 minutes (during opening hours).


We've had 146 customer conversations and added 45 feature requests in the last 3 months.

Everything in One place, not all over the place.

Managing your practice is challenging especially when: you have regulations to comply with, so many profiles online to reach clients, and lots of apps that are managing diaries, notes and resources. Being an Octopus isn’t fun when its all the time.

But, from the moment you use isosconnect: you can be more compliant, your diary management is automated, and you can easily improve your accessibility online, for a better business performance. With all your client notes organised, and searchable so that you can even get answers from your own data. An online solution for a therapy business today.

Features pricing

£ 0

Forever access to your calendar, notes and invoices 

Calendar booking system

Practitioner Directory

Secure electronic notes

Client record

Create notes templates

Audit your notes 

Multidisciplinary directory


£ 15,99

Add Video Support and automation to streamline your practice

Everything in Basic plus:

Calendar booking system

One to one video sessions

Email confirmations and reminders

One-click client connect

Export client records, notes, invoices

Add multiple calendars

Track your tasks

Two way screen sharing

Upload and store your own client resources

Live chat and resource sharing

Create and send invoices in 1 click


£ 34,99

Connect quickly and easily with your clients, increase your income, spend less time on the admin

Everything in Specialist plus:

Online booking page - you control when clients can book

Time buffer between sessions

Group video session - 2+ attendees

SMS confirmations and reminders

Store and automatically send forms

Connect with peers in the Practitioner Directory

Session recording

* No credit card required, no setup fee, cancel anytime.

Practitioners who have taken the plunge have drastically changed their practice for the better


Booking Link

"The idea that someone can see your facebook page or website and click one button for me to receive the enquiry details straight to my account is amazing, along with an email reminder, I don’t miss a thing."

Dr Catherine Steele


Have questions? give us a call: 07801107930

Ready to get going? 

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