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Transform your therapy business with effective digital tools

Your computer and the internet are your biggest assets. Step confidently into 2023 with your Private Practice. Learn how to use these tools to open up or expand an existing business.


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The author has put digital tools in place for practitioners and clinicians for over 20 years. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced business owner, build the practice that you dreamt of.  Establish a steady stream of clients, with quality and professionalism at the heart of your client experience in a digital world.

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Whats Inside ?

Look professional

Privacy backgrounds are easy to find, but think about your microphone, and your lighting.  A microphone will determine how your voice comes across, as well as protecting you from background noise.

Follow the Rules

It isn't only about storing client records over time, but consider that free services like Zoom may be exposing you to some uncomfortable risks.

Check the competition

You don't need to be a Marketeer, be a detective instead. From Google to TikTok, take a walk in your customers shoes and walk through the discovery steps of looking for a therapist like you.  You will be amazed what you find.

Analyze your business

Your business is made up of services that are largely controlled by time.  So where you spend your time is important to understand and control.  Learn how to spend more time with more clients.

Adapting for growth

Breakthrough the limitations that were common before digital working.  There are exciting new ways to think about client services. You can grow your practice through services through partnerships and through international growth.

Market yourself

There are simple and free ways to make sure the right type of client can find you.  From digital presence to fees, learn how clients look at you when searching online, and how to present your services without having to become an Instagram star

Know your value

What should you be charging?  How will you react to the cost-of-living crisis?  Can you earn a good living as well as helping those in need?  The answer is YES. It's an exciting time to be in private practice whatever your discipline.  Learn how to set your own fees well.

Find your Tribe

Private practice can be a lonely business.  But it doesn't need to be. A digital setting means you can do more than 'meet for a coffee.'  You can truly collaborate.  Look at why you should reach out to each other, today.

About the Author

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Kimberley Page

Kim Page is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and innovator who has dedicated her career to helping healthcare practitioners get the best out of technology and ensuring that it ends up in the right place at the right time. After running social care, telehealth and telecare services, and with the experience of some serious long-standing health issues in her own home, Kim brings her passion and commitment directly to health and wellbeing professionals that are increasingly isolated from the big system and structure of healthcare institutions.

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