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Transform your therapy business with effective digital tools

Our ebook guides you through the different needs of your practice and how digital tools can power up growth. 

Whats Inside ?

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100+ more tips

With over a hundred tips and recommendations, it will give you all the information you need to help your practice be more effective online.

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Security and compliance

What you need to look out for when handling customer data online and the tools to help you keep everything in order.

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Increasing your earnings

Concerned about income stability in the face of cancellations and no-shows? Learn how to easily structure your therapy business to increase your earnings right now.

Plus 8 other chapters of essential information for making the best use of digital tools for your Health and Well-being practice.

About the Author

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Kimberley Page

Kim Page is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and innovator who has dedicated her career to helping healthcare practitioners get the best out of technology and ensuring that it ends up in the right place at the right time. After running social care, telehealth and telecare services, and with the experience of some serious long-standing health issues in her own home, Kim brings her passion and commitment directly to health and wellbeing professionals that are increasingly isolated from the big system and structure of healthcare institutions.

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