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About Us

Independent practitioners should be thriving in this digital world, through new ways of working without compromising quality. Our team with clinical and technological expertise is here to make sure that happens.

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Our Story

The Last 5 years have seen irreversible changes in our health and well-being needs and the range of services that people want to access.
While this has posed a huge challenge to healthcare professionals, it has also generated a significant opportunity to meet these highly specific needs and to tailor bespoke services to people who increasingly wish to self-care

At isosconnect, we are passionate about enabling a digital home for the independent health and well-being practitioners who work alone or work privately, some or all of the time, delivering millions of patient contacts every week.

After decades of hands-on experience in the UK, in digital, telehealth and direct private practice, this team stand behind a platform that optimises fundamental clinical processes, caters for safe online consultations, offers the opportunity for peer-to-peer work, between modalities and specialties.

For those who choose independence, who choose the freedom of being able to apply all of their skills and knowledge and choose how much time to spend with each client – we are here to make sure that this way of operating is supported for growth, easily accessible and is optimised with all the great tools that digital offers.

Meet Kim. Our CEO and Founder

Kim Page is a mother of two, an entrepreneur and innovator who has dedicated her career to helping healthcare practitioners get the best out of technology and ensuring that it ends up in the right place at the right time. After running social care, telehealth and telecare services, and with the experience of some serious long-standing health issues in her own home, Kim brings her passion and commitment directly to health and wellbeing professionals that are increasingly isolated from the big system and structure of healthcare institutions.  In her own words…….


“For certain, there are many things that are difficult about keeping fit and well, but getting help when things aren’t going so well, doesn’t have to be one of them.  It is inconceivable to me that well trained and experienced practitioners are spending their time figuring out with social media ads, working with the risks of outdated or consumer software and worrying whether the bills will get paid next month.  They can have better.

Independent health practitioners are successfully managing around 4m client contacts a week across the UK, by our guestimates.  They do immense work, which is largely invisible. But they are, in our experience, nowhere near capacity. This does not need to be the case. They do not yet have the systems or tools in place to participate in the digital health conversation, and yet should be a driving force for good. “

Kim page
Team isosconnect
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Our mission and beliefs

Technology at its best is never the star of the show.  Our platform is applying tried and tested technology in the right way for independent practitioners and their clients to be able to get the best experience and ultimately better, quicker health outcomes. 

Our whole team shares the passion and belief that technology should empower humans, and that the world of independent practice has yet to benefit fully from all that digital has to offer. 



To improve access and choice


To enable collaboration for better, longer lasting results


First, and connected by great tech


Because not every human is the same

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